Scandinavian Hateland

Scandinavian Hateland is a hardcore band from Örebro, Sweden. Formed in the late 2010. The idea was to create a fusion between the classic swedish hardcore from the ninetees with a lot of rock ‘n’ roll edge.

The band believes that their live shows are the most important communication with their fans and also the main reason why they’ve reach so far.
Focusing the first years to get as many gigs as possible to get routine and to be able to perform the shows at its best, they soon got a reputation as a tight, entertaining and highly energetic live act.

During 2013 the band worked with their debut album and unfortunately once they finished the recording they had to start search for a new voice and front man when the singer at that time choosed to leave the band. Finally after finding a new singer they decided to re-record all the singing parts of the album before releasing it.
In March 2014 Scandinavian Hateland released their debut album, entitled ”We Walk Alone”. The title track ”We Walk Alone” also ended up as a video.

The well reputable Swedish magazine Close Up acclaimed the band as one of Swedens best unsigned bands in issue #162, May 2014. The Album also got a brilliant review. Scandinavian Hateland has also collected several good reviews from their live performances during the years.
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Fredrik Larsson – Vocals
Christian Wessman – Guitar
Per Forsberg – Guitar
Mikael Nilsson – Guitar
Per Ingmarsson – Bass
Johan Marberg – Drums



Emil Lantz
+46(0) 763-164 666



Scandinavian Hateland – Haters