Toxic Lab Rats

Toxic Lab Rats is a Swedish punk rock band formed in 2007. These hard hitting Rats gathered their sound fueled by influencial old school punk bands releasing an 8 track EP called ”Stripped Fucked & Bored” in 2009 which soon transformed into a record deal with American label Spectra Records. In 2010 the debut album ”Intoxicated” was released, followed by a smashing US tour in early 2011 featuring two new skilled guitarists. With the new album ”Pandemic Alert” (due to be released in August 7 2012) the Toxic Lab Rats are more than ready to infest the world in their glorious way.

The single, “Hittin’ The States” (released June 13 2012), pretty much sums up the US spring tour of 2011. Eight states and thirteen cities in fifteen days. This tour was planned right after the two new members joined the band. This new hungry line-up rehearsed the songs from “Intoxicated” for the tour but Chris Rat & Possessed found the time to write the opening track for “Pandemic Alert”, “Too Good For You”, which the American audience really liked, even if they never heard it before. That song became the stepping stone for the new album. After the tour the whole band worked hard on the rest of the songs for the album and the recording started in November.
“Pandemic Alert” will be released August 7 and will be followed by a promotion tour, both in Europe and in the States. But the hard work doesn’t stop there. The band is currently working on new material for a third album already, and you can expect it’ll be awesome.


Emil Lantz
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