Grand Orhestra

History’n da begining of a journey

For years this songs’ been torturin’ me and made me’ drink a lot of inspiration, named’ Alcohol…..

After touring for almost 20 years with different bands-No time to spit it out….

Half dead’n totalisch schlungedungish in year of-2010 somewhere in Germany the band was takin’ tha first baby’ steps in da head….

Recorded some songs on a demo with Reject, Erik, Kandy’n made a couple of gigs in Germany n’ Sweden…n’ tha Grand Orchestra-virus was born…

Back on Tour with da tip top FF i’ booked a suit at Grand Hotel over a weekend n’ Loads of vino-champain, I started to work tha songs out…..

11 songs was printed on tha paper with Lyrics n’ arrangement the first day…what I did the rest of the weekend?

Keepn’ drinking mine wine offcorps n’ invited some friends over to my suit for some serious drinking…haha….

After calling some guys’ to Start the Grand Orchestra, we was in to the studio after 1 rehersal…..(Long story-short)

N’heres’ the Story just listen to it…it’s all true and from the heart….



Emil Lantz
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