Stevie Klasson´s Black Weeds

The Black Weeds were born in the backroom of Bar122, a lowrent drinkingden on the south side of Stockholm in 2009. You see its located just around the corner from Stevie’s guitarshop and he wanted a local gig that was low profile so he could check some new musicians out, try some new things out and play the old stuff too. This is the lineup that grew out of that, and after a first tour in Spain in
the spring of 2010 the band was a fact.

The people Stevie(Johnny Thunders Oddball,s Hanoi Rocks, Diamond Dogs) found was none other then Anders “Boba Lee Fett”” Lindström(Hellacopters, Diamond Dogs), Robert Eriksson (Hellacopters, Tramp), Martin Tronsson(Diamond Dogs, Staffan Hellstand, Persons Pack) and West African Hoodoo man Brother Bai Jack.

Stevie allways had a great love of the more swamp-hoodoo-groove-DrJohn kinda thing, and with his Slideguitar/Faces/70’s guitarhero thang mixed with Brother Bai Jack on some real down home hoodoo percussion, Martin Tronsson’s badass bottomend bass playing and the ever solid drummer Robert Eriksson and Boba Lee Fett at his side Black Weeds are rockin’ like crazy.

Live the band performs songs from both Stevie’s ”Don’t shoot the messenger” album released in 2007 and from the upcoming debut album from Black Weeds that will be out late spring 2011, a album that will be released as a book, Rock n Roll tales From A Crooked Highway, with thirteen short stories from yes, you guessed it, Stevie’s crooked highway.

The word from Stevie is that he promise to pull a surprise out of the hat every night on the road, and that’s just what to expect from the Prince of Desperado’s.



Emil Lantz
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